Pictures of goats around the ranch being goats. Our goal is to provide our goats a healthy nurturing environment for growth and play.



























Even in the winter, the goats can be entertaining. First are Freckles and Callie. In the second photo are Dolly, Brandy and Freckles. We had three days with snow on the ground early 2011. First time for all the goats to be in snow.




Expose the goats to quality music - they love Tammy Wynette - smiling


Molly relaxing in the middle of the day under the shade of the tree
















This is Phoebe. I call her my alien goat. She would get her head caught in the fence every day and would be stuck there until I got home from work. She could die on a hot day stuck for 10-12 hours. So I taped this light wood dowel on her horns and she has not been stuck since. All the other goats know how to get their heads back through the fence but not her.
Suzi the donkey and the goats grazing together.



Brandy couldn't resist climbing up on the mower (not running of course)














Goats lounging around enjoying the day.






Goats have free access to hay to supplement grazing. Especially this year 2011 during the drought hay bales are a main staple of their diet.












































Close up of Dolly




















Molly posing for the camera.
Molly on top and Dolly inside the water tank.



Molly couldn't resist climbing on the chair.












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Dolly napping after a strenuous day of grazing


The horses keep the grass cut and the goats trim the bushes and eat the weeds.